Final Sheet Posted

Good gravy I can’t wait to see the insanity on some of these sheets. Get in there.

The DL


Final Week and B1G Championship Party and Beerlympics

Hey hey, douchenozzles-ass degenerates, it’s the saddest time of year: the final week of the DL. On the bright side that means it’s time for 5-team Hail Marys galore. On the negative side that likely means a lot of -$1,000 weeks. But on the bright side that means the Transh Bin will get filled right the fuck up. And that couldn’t be coming at a better time, as you will see below. It also means it’s the last chance for side bet action. We’ve all been slacking hard on this. Name a fucking bet and I’m taking it.

After the initial poll was a tie and we had the second poll that had a slight edge, we landed on giving the vast majority of the Trash Bin to the guy with the most weeks in the green at $500 and everything past that going to booze for a B1G Championship Game party. Boo ya! We’re going to be partying all day for that shit. We’ll also be holding a charitable Beerlympics on that day. You don’t have to participate in that (if you’re scared) and can just come and drink with whatever money we have after what is sure to be a huge Trash Bin week while we watch conference championship games. Or, if you fancy yourself a Beerlympian, you can throw your hat in the ring and get your ass kicked by me. Information on that below.

2017 Beerlympics.jpg

Hopefully we’ll see all of you there to at least drink, and most of you to sling some got dam bags/darts/washers. It should be a blast.

Man I can’t wait to hit 6 5-teamers  and 1 4-teamer and jump Marcus and his bullshit fucking giant green number.

The DL

Trash Bin Spoils Poll

Dave Dave Dave, congratulations on being the first degenerate to have to contribute to the Trash Bin. I gotta say, I really like this idea. There probably won’t be a ton of skrill in the Trash Bin, but we still have to finalize what we want to do with it. Who better to decide then the degenerate masses? You can vote once below.

The DL